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      ---- Brings Vietnam Agriculture Products to the World ----

      Dragon fruit


      Vietnam Banana

      Yellow Corn
      Vietnam Pepper
      Vietnam Robusta Coffee Bean

      About us
      Tradewind Vina Co., Ltd. is an international trading company with years experience in export agricultural products of Viet Nam. Starting as a tapioca processing factory in Tay Ninh and trading of agricultural products such as: Tapioca, Tapioca starch, Tapioca pellet, Tapioca residue pellet, Corn, Rice, Bran,... Up to now, by the relentless efforts, along with application of modern technologies with a team of young, experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated staffs and especially built up a close relationship with local farms
      Tradewind Vina Co.,Ltd has succeeded in expanding domestic and international markets. Creating stable and long-term relationships with large markets such as China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, UAE, Russia... and setting goal to enter the European market.
      As an experienced and dynamic company, we always maintain a strong sense of pride and determination to deliver great products for all customers.

      Our Vision - Mission - Core Values

      > Vision: Tradewind Vina Co.,Ltd strives to become the leading company in processing, import and export of agricultural products. Contributing to take Vietnam's agricultural products to the world and raising level of Vietnam’s agricultural products.
      Tradewind Vina Co.,Ltd is implementing this by providing our customers with guaranteed quality products based on core competencies, ability of connecting, building relationships with strategic partners and domestic and abroad providers.

      > Mission: Tradewind Vina Co.,Ltd brings benefits and satisfaction to partners, customers and society; maintain and strengthen existing markets and gradually reach new markets by providing safe and quality agricultural products to domestic and international customers
      Creativity: We are constantly looking for better solutions to serve the growing needs of customers in different markets.
      Concentration: We focus on core competencies and capabilities of creating better competitive advantages than our rivals, to strive for implementation of the company’s vision and mission.

      > Core values:
      • Perfection of products.
      • Trust of all customers.
      • Sustainable collaboration.
      • Development of the entire company.
      • Efficiency of the business.
      • Contribution to society.

      liên hệ:0903.122.105
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