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    Tim kiem ung vien: National Sales Mgr (Nuoi trong thuy san)

    Thảo luận trong 'Tuyển dụng - Tìm việc ngành nông lâm' , 25/4/09

    1. Chao cac Anh Chi.

      Em hien lam viec cho mot Cong ty Head Hunting, va dang tim kiem ung vien: Truong Phong Kinh Doanh Toan Quoc cho mot tap doan cua My.
      Anh chi nao quan tam xin vuilong lien he theo so: 0909 606 251 hoac sienghongnguyen@gmail.com nhe
      Thong tin tuyen dung ben duoi.
      Rat mong nhan duoc su cong cong tact tu cac anh chi.

      1.Manage the Bayer Distribution Center (BDC) system as Feed Animal Product sales
      -Manage and extend the BDC system
      -Visit and manage high quality relationships with BDCs/ dealers
      -Set up the sales target for BDC
      -Prepare and manage customer incentive/ rebate schemes
      -Prepare the price-list as pricing strategies
      -Bi-monthly promotion tour plan
      -Rolling forecast accuracy
      -Follow and implement the Country startegies:
      + Pig Farm Club
      + Retailer coverage
      + Approach and exploit the KA sales in aqua as direct sales
      2.Key Account (in aquaculture)
      -Define the exclusive Key Account list where BVL makes direct sales
      -Visit and make high quality relationship
      -Prepare and manage the sales target, rebate/ incentive schemes
      -Pricing strategies
      3.Companion Animal Product sales
      -Build the distribution system and customer relationship
      -Customer rebate/ incentive schemes
      -Contribute the ideas for advertising, developing product portfolio, PR to end-user

      -Asset management
      -Debtor payment
      -Manage and control the sales cost/ budget expenses as rebate in kind, promotion gift, customer incentives, rebate schemes
      -Prepare and control credit limit (CrL) as well as CrL exceeding, outstanding status

      1. Recruitment:
      The high qualified sales team, assistant
      2. Manage the staff performance
      -Performance review twice per year
      -Evaluate and prepare annual salary review
      -Evaluate needs and organize training

      -Attend monthly MTM meeting
      -Chair the monthly BDC-meeting
      -Manage and coach BDC system to follow the BVL policies
      Evaluate needs and organize training of BDC owner/ staff

      Qualification Requirements
      -University graduate leval, preferable in an Veterinary, Animal Husbandy, Aquaculture or related areas
      -Good knowledge about national distribution system.
      -Has at least 10 years experience in sales and marketing with minimum 3 years experience in national or area sales management
      -Being familiar with sales forcast, seting up sales target and making promotion programs
      -Strong influencing and negotiation skills
      - Good Interpersonal skills
      -Good problem solving and analytical skills
      -Excellent communication skills in local language and good communication skills in English
      -Good team-working

      USD 1,500-2000 (included commission)
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      thông tin của ban rất thú vị, tôi xin chuyển topic này sang phần Việc làm để mọi người cung theo dõi bạn nhé
    3. khucthuydu

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      đến USD 1,500-2000 (included commission) nhiều quá.... kèo thơm :D

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