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Saanen là giống dê chuyên sữa, màu trắng/ cream, sở dĩ có tên như vậy là vì có nguồn gốc từ thung lũng Saanen củaThụy-Sĩ,trải rộng khắp Âu-Châu vào thế kỷ thứ 19 và Mỹ vào thế kỷ 20 vì có các ưu điểm: Cho nhiều sữa nhất, thời gian cho sữa dài nhất, sữa rất bổ dưỡng và thơm ngon, rất thân thiện với con người, dễ huấn luyện...ở Việt Nam dê Saanen được xác nhận là giống vật nuôi cao sản theo thông tư 14/2014/TT-BNNPTNT. Ngày 28/04/2014

Saanen goats are a white or cream-colored breed of goat, named for the Saanen valley in Switzerland.[1] By the late 19th century they had spread across Europe, and in the early 20th century were brought to the US. In the 21st century, they are among the most popular dairy goat breeds, due to their high productivity and ease of management.
Saanens are the largest and one of the calmest of the dairy breeds. The Saanen breed also produces the most milk on average and tends to have a lower butterfat content, about 2.5%-3%.
The Saanen temperament is as a rule, calm and mild mannered; breeders have been know to refer to them as living marshmallows. Saanen goats are easier for children to handle and are popular in the showmanship classes due to their calm nature. They originated in the Saanen valley in the south of Canton Berne, Switzerland. In 1893 several thousand head were taken out of the valley and spread throughout Europe. Between 1904 and the 1930’s approximately 150 Saanens were imported into the United States from Switzerland.
A female Saanen goat produces about 3.8 liters milk daily. Nowadays, Saanen goats are being raised throughout the world. In United States this breed is one of the best and preferred dairy goat mainly for their consistency in producing large amounts of milk in accordance with their sturdiness, easy keepability and ability to tolerate environmental changes. The main benefits of raising Saanen goat is that, their care and management is very easy (even a child can take care of them) and they produces milk highly
Chèvre Saanen

Originaire de la vallée de la Saanen, en Suisse, la chèvre Saanen a été implantée dans de nombreux pays. Elle donne des résultats excellents, montrant une excellente adaptation aux différents régimes alimentaires, en montagne ou en plaine. On peut la considérer comme la race caprine laitière la plus répandue dans le monde.
La Saanen est une race laitière spécialisée répandue dans le monde entier. Sa docilité et sa très bonne production laitière la rendent particulièrement bien adaptée aux systèmes d’élevage intensifs. Son lait est aussi bien utilisé pour la transformation industrielle que pour la transformation à la ferme.

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