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- Tên DN/Cá nhân: Trần Khải
- Địa chỉ: 137, đường 490, ấp 2, xã Phạm Văn Cội, Củ Chi, Tp. HCM
- Tel, Fax: 08 3794 9820 ::: FaX 08 3794 9820
- email: natural.cricket_enterprise@yahoo.com.vn

<p><font size="3"><font face="VNI-Centur">TRA&Iuml;I DE&Aacute; THIE&Acirc;N NHIE&Acirc;N - NATURAL CRICKET ENTERPRISE</font></font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&nbsp;</font></p><font face="VNI-Centur">&Ntilde;/c: so&aacute; 137, &ntilde;. 490 va&oslash; so&aacute; 112, &ntilde;. 489, xa&otilde; Pha&iuml;m Va&ecirc;n Co&auml;i, Cu&ucirc; Chi, Tp., HCM &ndash; Vie&auml;t Nam<br /></font><font face="VNI-Centur">Te/fax: 84. 8. 3794 9820; mbl: 0169 996 8150; e-mail: natural.cricket_enterprise@yahoo.com.vn <br /></font><p><font face="VNI-Centur">&nbsp;</font></p><font face="VNI-Centur">Add.,: no., 137, str. 490 and no., 112, str. 489, Pham Van Coi ward, Cu Chi dist., <br /></font><font face="VNI-Centur">HoChiMinh City, Vietnam.<br /></font><font face="VNI-Centur">Tel/fax: 84. 8. 3794 9820; mbl. 0169 996 8150 e-mail: natural.cricket_enterprise@yahoo.com.vn <br /></font><p><font face="VNI-Centur">&nbsp;</font></p><font face="VNI-Centur">________________&amp;*&amp;________________<br /></font><p><font face="VNI-Centur">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Xin Cha&oslash;o,</font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Dear Sir and Madam,</font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&nbsp;</font></p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3"> <p>Tra&iuml;i de&aacute; Thie&acirc;n Nhie&acirc;n chu&ugrave;ng to&acirc;i co&ugrave; kha&ucirc; na&ecirc;ng cung ca&aacute;p <strong>De&aacute; Th&ograve;t, De&aacute; S&ouml;&otilde;a Va&oslash; De&aacute; Tr&ouml;&ugrave;ng</strong> &nbsp;v&ocirc;&ugrave;i so&aacute; l&ouml;&ocirc;&iuml;ng l&ocirc;&ugrave;n va&oslash; o&aring;n &ntilde;&ograve;nh gia&ugrave;. </p></font><font size="3">We can supply congealed cricket meat with large shipment and stable price. Flexible method of payment.<br /></font><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&Ntilde;o&ugrave;ng go&ugrave;i: 100g/tu&ugrave;i PE co&ugrave; da&ugrave;n mie&auml;ng, 05 tu&ugrave;i/ho&auml;p nh&ouml;&iuml;a co&ugrave; na&eacute;p va&oslash; &ntilde;&ouml;&ocirc;&iuml;c hu&ugrave;t cha&acirc;n kho&acirc;ng ro&agrave;i ba&ucirc;o qua&ucirc;n &ntilde;o&acirc;ng la&iuml;nh. &Ntilde;a&ucirc;m ba&oslash;o ha&oslash;ng t&ouml;&ocirc;i nguye&acirc;n.</font></p><font size="3">Packing: 100g/PE bag with heat seal, 05 bags in a plastic box with vacuum then congelation suppled.<br /></font><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Hie&auml;n &ntilde;a&otilde; co&ugrave; hai kho ha&oslash;ng luo&acirc;n sa&uuml;n sa&oslash;ng pha&acirc;n pho&aacute;i: 1- ngo&otilde; 162, &Ntilde;o&auml;i Ca&aacute;n, Ba &Ntilde;&igrave;nh HN va&oslash; ph&ouml;&ocirc;&oslash;ng An Phu&ugrave; &Ntilde;o&acirc;ng, Q12 Tp. HCM. </font></p><font size="3">We have two allocating palces of goods: 1- lane no., 162, Doi Can str., Ba Dinh dist., Hanoi Capital and An Phu Dong ward, dist., 12 HCM City<br /></font><p><font size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">&Ntilde;a&euml;c &ntilde;ie&aring;m ky&otilde; thua&auml;t: ha&oslash;ng &ntilde;o&acirc;ng la&iuml;nh hu&ugrave;t cha&acirc;n kho&acirc;ng, t&ouml;&ocirc;i, ruo&auml;t de&aacute; sa&iuml;ch pha&acirc;n. </font></p><font size="3">Specification of goods: vacuum then congelation suppled. No faeces in intestine of cricket. Goods transporting place to place by dry ice. <br /></font><p><font size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Gia&ugrave;: cha&aacute;p nha&auml;n &ntilde;&ouml;&ocirc;&iuml;c</font></p><font size="3">Unit price: competitive price<br /></font><p><font size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Vui lo&oslash;ng lie&acirc;n he&auml; khi co&ugrave; nhu ca&agrave;u. Chu&ugrave;ng to&acirc;i sa&uuml;n sa&oslash;ng &ntilde;o&ugrave;ng ha&oslash;ng v&ocirc;&ugrave;i nha&otilde;n hie&auml;u cu&ucirc;a ba&iuml;n theo ye&acirc;u ca&agrave;u.</font></p><font size="3">Pleae do not hesitate to contact us for more information.<br /></font><p><font size="3">&nbsp;</font></p> <p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Cha&acirc;n tro&iuml;ng!</font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Looking forwads to hearing from you soon!</font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Best Regards, </font></p><p><font face="VNI-Centur" size="3">Tra&agrave;n Kha&ucirc;i &ndash; Thie&acirc;n Nhie&acirc;n &ndash; Cu&ucirc; Chi</font></p>

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