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Lena Huynh

Lữ khách
I have a partner in Iran who want to find a supplier can supply Yellow Fin Tuna Fish follow their conditions. Please advise if any company can supply as below conditions:

An urgent inquiry of iran Government Company to purchase yellow fin tuna fish .

Yellow fin tuna Grades: W/R ( Thunnus Albacores) 8.5KG average

total Quantity: 800MT/ per shipment: 400 Metric Tons ( 2 shipments )

Delivery term: CIF

Destination: BANDER ABBAS / IRAN

The packing is over 4kg and the average weight is over 8.5kg

frozen condition: The temperature to be maintain on frozen mode is -18

Payment method: LC

Type of LC: Irrevocable, confirmed, Discernible & 100% at sight (not transferable and not devisable )

Currency: Indian rupee

Buyer’s bank: iranian bank / EN Bank Eghtesad novin bank (ISIN: IRO1NOVN0005) ( swift code: BEGNIRTH)

LC receiving bank: indian bank / UCO

target CIF price : 95/ INDIAN RUPEE PER KG

We understand that any and all offer and/or contracts are subject to successful Seller verification of funds availability.

If any question, please feel free to contact me! (0938186652)
Email: tranghuynhmv@gmail.com

Thanks and Best Regards!