Tuyển Đại diện Kinh doanh lĩnh vực chăn nuôi cho khu vực phía Bắc

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Một doanh nghiệp Thailand chuyên cung cấp thiết bị tự động hóa cho trang trại gà, lợn...cần tuyển một đại diện kinh doanh khu vực phía Bắc với một số nội dung như sau:

1. Develop and implement a sales and marketing plan for the territory of Vietnam based on increasing company’s exposure and presence in Vietnam, growth opportunities, product offering guidelines and long range goals and objectives. Plan to include but not be limited to business management, strategic planning, budgeting, profitability and market development.
2. Maintain a through knowledge base of all company's produced products and represented product.
3. The promotion of and providing direct and indirect contact with customer base for the sale of all company products.
4. Meet and/or exceed the annual sales goals established for the territory at or above the established margin.
5. Work with customer and coordinate with account department for account receivable. Follow up if the payment delayed or beyond credit.
6. Coordinate with installation section providing guideline, and all related information in order to complete installation task.
7. Provide management with accurate and timely market information, including but not limited to competitor pricing, client position and market trends.
8. Organize and or participate in KSP Vietnam marketing functions, trade shows, sales conferences including booth set-up, presentations, etc

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