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Giá trị của nền nông nghiệp bền vững!
Giống cỏ Mulato III (Cayman) là giống mới lai tạo gần đây, kế thừa và phát triển các đặc tính nổi bật từ giống cỏ Mulato II

  • Hybrid Brachiaria grass.
  • High yielding.
  • Very drought tolerant due to deep roots.
  • Stays green longer in the dry season than Ruzi.
  • Good protein levels.
  • Grows better than Mulato II in waterlogged soils
  • Good for cut-and-carry, grazing, making hay.
  • Sow at least 2 kg seed per rai.
  • Packing in 1kg and 25kg bags.
Cayman grass, the third hybrid offered for sale by Grupo Papalotla, comes from a generation of hybrids developed by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, its Spanish acronym) and evaluated and selected by the Tropical Pastures Research Center (CIPAT, its Spanish acronym), the research center where the Grupo Papalotla conducts ongoing evaluations of an array of Brachiaria hybrids.

Resistance to humidity

How did the Papalotla research team discover that Cayman grass resists high moisture conditions? By evaluating the grass together with other grasses currently sold on the market, such as Toledo, Marandú, Plata, and Mulato, under conditions of extreme moisture for periods of more than 30 days. After 10 days, several of the grasses began to deteriorate, dying long before the end of the evaluation period. Cayman grass not only survived, but was only surpassed by Brachiaria humidicola, well known for its ability to adapt to humid soils, but presenting a lower nutritional quality, yield, and establishment capacity as compared with Cayman grass.


Main characteristics

  • More meat, more milk with enhanced nutritional quality
  • Higher stocking rate
  • Highly palatable
  • Stoloniferous growth
  • Tolerant to drought
  • Resistant to diseases and pests (spittlebug) and also…
  • Resistant to moist soils
Type of growth

With a tillered growth habit, the Cayman grass produces abundant stolons. In addition, in high moisture conditions, this grass modifies its growth habit and develops, early during its growth cycle, a large number of decumbent stems, which produce tillers and roots at the nodes, a characteristic similar to that of Brachiaria humidicola. These superficial roots give the plant support, absorb nutrients, and supply oxygen to the plant in these adverse conditions of poor drainage.





Commercial name Cayman grass
Scientific name Brachiaria hybrid cv. CIAT BR 02/1752
Growth habit Tillered; semi-decumbent
Palatability High
Digestibility High
Protein potential Up to 17%
Tolerance to waterlogging High
Tolerance to drought Good
Planting density 8–10 kg/ha; zero tillage
Days to first grazing/cut after germination 90–100 days on average
Time in rotation 25–30 days
Maximum height for animals to exit the paddock 30 cm
Soil fertility requirement Intermediate to high
Adaptation in m above sea level 0–1200 m above sea level
Adaptability to soils with acid pH High
Resistance to spittlebug attack High
Uses Grazing, hay, fresh in feeding trough; its quality and production also make it adequate for use as silage.
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    Cayman in Thailand 2
Chào các anh/chị!
Bên em có bán hạt giống cỏ dùng cho nuôi bò sữa, thịt, trâu, dê, cừu, cá...
Ví dụ:
- Giống cỏ paspalum utratum: chịu được ngập nước, chịu được đất nhiễm mặn nhẹ, chua, phèn.
- Giống cỏ mulato II: chịu thâm canh, hàm lượng dinh dưỡng cao, là giống cỏ tốt nhất hiện nay được dùng làm thức ăn tươi trong nuôi bò sữa
- Thời gian thu hoạch: sau 6-7 năm
- Giá cả phù hợp, làm việc nhanh chóng, gieo trồng dễ dàng, uy tín chất lượng, với mong muốn phục vụ nông dân, không vì lợi ích lợi nhuận buôn bán.
Trồng cỏ đáp ứng nguồn thức ăn tươi quanh năm, đồng thời đảm bảo đủ dinh dưỡng cho vật nuôi.
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